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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Masonic Central at the Movies - Sunday, September 14th, at 6PM PST / 9PM EST


Join us this Sunday for another edition of Table Talk on Masonic Central as we talk about Freemasonry in the movies.

Its something that all of us as Masons like to titillate about in lodges, during meetings, and on the web, so lets take a minute and look at three films that have Freemasonry at their core, but in three very unique ways.

The movies on the table for the talk are:

The Man Who Would be King
The Man Who Would Be King is a adaptation of the Rudyard Kipling story of the same name.

National Treasure
National Treasure. Set in a fictional universe, the film's over the top plot and heroic depiction of the fraternity as the keepers of the Templar Treasure.

Rosewood The film is not Masonic, per-se at its core, but the major plot pivot point hinges on an interaction between a Prince Hall and Regular Mason.

If you put them in cue now, Netflix or Blockbuster should be able to get them out by Saturday, but if you've been a mason for any length of time, you're probably had the chance to watch one or two of these films already. I guarantee it will make for a fun conversation delving into one or all of them.

So get your popcorn machine out and join us for the show this Sunday, September 14th, at 6PM PST. Don't forget, you can join us live at the talkshoe Masonic Central site to be a part of our LIVE in studio audience.

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