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Friday, July 11, 2008

"One Mountain, Many Paths" Sunday, July 13th at 9PM EST/6PM PST

Join us this Sunday at 9PM EST/6PM PST for an interview with author of "One Mountain, Many Paths" which is billed as "A spiritual companion or gift for family and friends, One Mountain, Many Paths is filled with uplifting quotes from the sacred texts of all of the great religious traditions..."

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tom Accuosti, Sunday, July 6th at 7PM PST

PLEASE NOTE THE TIME: 6PM Pacific Standard Time/9PM Eastern!

Join us this Sunday, July 6th at 7pm, as we interview Tom Accuosti from the Masonic blog the Tao of Masonry.

Tom is under the Grand Lodge of Connecticut and in his short Masonic career has managed to not only become a master of his lodge but serve on his Grand Lodges Communications Committee and as his local District Grand Lecturer.

Besides a really hard name to pronounce, Tom brings a healthy dose of humor to the otherwise overly serious “interwebz” world of Masonic blogging. How could you not want to listen to a guy who's title includes: Exalted Keeper of the Secrets of Freemasonarianism; Grand Sovereign Pontiff and Secret Exposuer; Ambassador to Zeta-Reticula; Crop Circle Planning & Zoning Commissioner; Aluminum Foil Beanie Fitting and Training Consultant; Team Osiris Obelisk Siting and Surveying; Manager, Dulces/Denver Airport Massage & Day Spa; Cydonia Vacation Resort Concierge; Past Master, Friendship #33.3 AM & FM, Area 51, Atlantis

Join us this Sunday, July 6th at the special time of 6PM PST for the Tao.