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Thursday, September 18, 2008

This week on Masonic Central - Nelson King, Philalethes Society Past President and current Editor

This Sunday, join us in welcoming Brother Nelson King who is the past President and current Editor of the Philalethes Society. A veteran of Freemasonry, recorded in numerous affiliations from across a wide swath of North American Masonry, Br. King is well known for his public oratory, writing proficiency, and able research.

The Philalethes Society was founded on October 1, 1928, and has published numerous articles by and for its members. For many years it has been voted the best Masonic publication in the world. Its sole purpose is to act as a clearinghouse for Masonic knowledge by exchanging ideas, researching the problems confronting Freemasonry, and relaying them along to the Masonic world.

Our conversation with Brother King will focus on several ares in which are little discussed in wide circles these days including Masonry in Cuba, The Philalathes Society, the state of Masonic research, including the Philalethes, and contemporary research in general.

It should be an illuminating conversation.

Sunday, September 21st at 6pm PST / 9pm EST only on Masonic Central!

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Masonic Central, the Masonic Pod-Cast Talk Show

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Who are the hosts of Masonic Central?
Greg Stewart is the host and editor of Masonic Central. He is a 32nd degree Master Mason form the Grand Lodge of California and is a member of Hollywood Lodge No. 355 in Tarzana California. In addition to Masonic Central, he is the writer of the Masonic Blog Masonic Traveler, and the editor of the Masonic Information site Freemason Information. Outside of the pod-cast, Greg belongs to several Masonic bodies and is active in his lodge as the chair of several committees. Outside of Freemasonry, Greg is a Brand Manager, Graphic Designer, and web developer. He is very passionate about Freemasonry, history, religion, and their contributions to the fraternity.

To contact Greg, you can send him an email at Masonic Traveler

Dean is the co-host and producer of Masonic Central. He is a past master, Shriner and 14th degree Master Mason from the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia, Canada. He is a proud member of Ad Astra Lodge #130 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. As well he owns a blog called Freemason's Corner. Outside of Masonry Dean is a father of two (three in a month) and a business owner. He is a benefits consultant/insurance broker. When he is done with that he is running his other business, an e-marketing firm.

To contact Dean, you can send him an email at Dean kennedy

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Masonic Central at the Movies - Sunday, September 14th, at 6PM PST / 9PM EST


Join us this Sunday for another edition of Table Talk on Masonic Central as we talk about Freemasonry in the movies.

Its something that all of us as Masons like to titillate about in lodges, during meetings, and on the web, so lets take a minute and look at three films that have Freemasonry at their core, but in three very unique ways.

The movies on the table for the talk are:

The Man Who Would be King
The Man Who Would Be King is a adaptation of the Rudyard Kipling story of the same name.

National Treasure
National Treasure. Set in a fictional universe, the film's over the top plot and heroic depiction of the fraternity as the keepers of the Templar Treasure.

Rosewood The film is not Masonic, per-se at its core, but the major plot pivot point hinges on an interaction between a Prince Hall and Regular Mason.

If you put them in cue now, Netflix or Blockbuster should be able to get them out by Saturday, but if you've been a mason for any length of time, you're probably had the chance to watch one or two of these films already. I guarantee it will make for a fun conversation delving into one or all of them.

So get your popcorn machine out and join us for the show this Sunday, September 14th, at 6PM PST. Don't forget, you can join us live at the talkshoe Masonic Central site to be a part of our LIVE in studio audience.

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So much going on..

There’s been so much going on around here lately that its hard to remember where I am. but more importantly Dean and I have been burning up the bytes with Masonic Central lately with three great shows in as many weeks.

For those of you that missed the last few shows:

August 24th:
We had Jennifer Emick on from the alt religion site where we talked about a variety of things, including some hermetic connections of Masonry to history and to art and trends in the alternative religion universe. It was a lot of fun to have had her on and filled with good info on the subject matter.

August 31st:
Brothers Paul Bessel and Jerry Samet joined us from the great District of Colombia to talk about Freemasonry, but more specifically the infamous Grand Master one day classes, and the hot button issue of the recognition of Prince Hall Freemasonry. One of the things we found out was the dynamic interaction that Br. Samet had in the integration of DeMolay in the 80’s and 90’s and his strides in opening up the fraternity. It was a very good conversation that has led to some interesting discussions on the issues of territorial jurisdiction.

September 7th:
Brother Adam Kendall joined us from the Grand Lodge of California to talk about some of the programs and progress going on in the golden state. This was a rare insight to talk to a knowledgeable curator of a states Masonic ephemera, and Adam was a great guest to have on and talk about it. There really are some great things happening, but you’ll have to listen to our show with Adam to find out what.

And, outside of the day to day of the show, we received a great mention from Br. Hodapp on his Freemasons for Dummies blog last week that I did not want to go unmentioned. Thanks Br. Chris for checking us out and putting us into such a pantheon of great pod casts. And thanks to all of you brothers who have come out and supported us in putting this program together each and every week.

Look for us this weekend Sunday, September 14th at 6PM PST, for another round of Table Talk as Masonic Central goes to the movies...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Adam Kendall, Masonic Curator, with the California Grand Lodge.

Join us Sunday, September 7th on Masonic Central as we talk with Adam Kendall who is the Curator of Collections for the Henry Wilson Coil Library & Museum of Freemasonry for the Grand Lodge of F. & A.M. of California

Some of the topics in the discussion will be:
  • Programs of California Grand Lodge
  • The now past Freemasonry and Women Symposium
  • Henry Wilson Coil Library
  • Who was H.W. Coil?
  • Why a library?
  • How California is entering the 21st century.
  • Symbolism in Masonry-its importance (or unimportance)?
  • Ideas on how to help foster Masonic education in lodges?
  • The Masonic Society
  • One-Day Classes and their merits.
  • And some ideas about the future of Masonry.
Adam is a very knowledgeable Freemason and with a definitive “left” coast perspective coming from one of the larger Grand Lodge jurisdictions. It’s going to be a great program and one not to be missed!

That’s this Sunday, September 7th, 2008 at 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST on Masonic Central