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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Masonic Central episode III - John Ratcliff

This last weekend we recorded our third episode with John Ratcliff of the blog JRatcliffscarab.

In the interview we had a chance to talk about a variety of topics including why he became a Freemason, blogging, books on Freemasonry, esoteric Freemasonry vs. ritual magic, symbolism, the Boy Scouts, and traveling to visit other lodges.

For an hour long program, it was a pretty dense conversation.

If you did not have a chance to listen live, there is no time like the present to download it and listen at your leisure. You can stream it live of download it from ITunes, or from its home at Talkshoe:

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Our next interview is coming-up on Sunday, August 6th with Tom Accuosti from the Tao of Freemasonry.

Stay tuned for more exciting interviews and commentary about Freemasonry.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Interview with John Ratcliff at 12nEST / 9am PST Sunday, June 22nd

Please make note of the time change.

Join us this Sunday, June 22nd, at 9am PST for a conversation with Freemason and blogger John Ratcliff of the Masonic blog at

John is a Freemason under the Grand Lodge of Missouri and brings to the conversation a strong sense of fraternity, fellowship, good ritual, and high principals, which are all traits of great interest and esteem to all Freemasons.

Some notable points in the interview we plan to cover include Esotericism vs. non Esotericism, the ideas of why people believe in the “fantastic”, and some of his Philosophy behind the fraternity in what it means for a man to be a “Good Mason”.

John even challenged me to define my ideas of the esoteric aspects of Freemasonry.

It promises to be an interesting show.

Look for us again at 12PM EST/ 9AM PST this Sunday June 22nd!

To join the call, listen live, or download, Follow this link:

Monday, June 16, 2008

Masonic Central Episode 2 – Brother Tim Bryce

If you didn’t listen last night live, or you haven’t downloaded it yet from ITunes or via Talkshoe, then your missing on of the best interviews on the subject of Freemasonry.

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Last night, Sunday, June 15th, I had the chance to interview Br. Tim Bryce under the Grand Lodge of Florida, for more than an hour talking about a variety of topics ranging from the organization and management of the fraternity to the lessons of our history and how they have played out in the past that directly relating to us today.

If you think you don’t have the time to spend listening to this show, I strongly urge you to download it and put it on your MP3 player and take it with you.

Tim is the author of The Freethinking Freemason - Collected Masonic Works of Tim Bryce from Cornerstone publishing (at left). And in the call, Tim mentions the book “Building of Empire” by Jessica Harland-Jacobs (at left)

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Upcoming show – Sunday June 15th Tim Bryce

Join us, this Sunday June 15th, at 6pm, and listen as we interview author, businessman, and Freemason Tim Bryce. Tim joins us from the state of Florida and explores with us topics of Modern Freemasonry, the internet, and the future of the fraternity.

I’m sure it will be an enlightening program!

Look for it Sunday evening on Talkshoe.

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Welcome to Masonic Central!

Print and Pixel were not enough, so after a lot of planning, and a lot of research, the efforts finally have been pooled together to produce the Pod Cast Masonic Central.

Behind this project is veteran blogger Greg Stewart, under the Grand Lodge of California, USA, who is the writer at and owner of, and his highly innovative partner Dean Kennedy, under the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia, Canada, who owns and publishes the blog Freemason’s Corner .

Together they have partnered to publish and produce the Masonic Call in Pod Cast Masonic Central though, where their home can be reached at:

Also, joining this team are seasoned Mason guest hosts including Fred Milliken of the blog the Beehive as well as other special hosts.

The Pod Cast records live every other Sunday afternoon at 6pm PST and are published on and ITunes. Look for regular scheduled programs on our calendar, available at the blog site.

Also, watch for special live call in shows to ask your questions of our special guests!

This promises to be a great new foundation for Freemasonry into the 21st Century!

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Episode 1 – Modern Freemasonry & Prince Hall

Episode 1 – Modern Freemasonry & Prince Hall with PHA Mason Fred Milliken, under the PH Grand Lodge of Texas.

Join us as we discuss topics around Masonry today and the fraternity of Prince Hall. It’s sure to enlighten and spread some Masonic light.

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