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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Masonic Central episode III - John Ratcliff

This last weekend we recorded our third episode with John Ratcliff of the blog JRatcliffscarab.

In the interview we had a chance to talk about a variety of topics including why he became a Freemason, blogging, books on Freemasonry, esoteric Freemasonry vs. ritual magic, symbolism, the Boy Scouts, and traveling to visit other lodges.

For an hour long program, it was a pretty dense conversation.

If you did not have a chance to listen live, there is no time like the present to download it and listen at your leisure. You can stream it live of download it from ITunes, or from its home at Talkshoe:

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Our next interview is coming-up on Sunday, August 6th with Tom Accuosti from the Tao of Freemasonry.

Stay tuned for more exciting interviews and commentary about Freemasonry.

1 comment:

FD2L said...

Sunday, August 6th

I assume you mean July 6th, not August.

-Bro Vick